Poultry drinkers S3 set 10 pcs

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Poultry drinkers S3 set 10 pcs

The S3 Poultry drinkers is ideal for birds to drink water , being easy to fill and place.

This drinker model S3 is made entirely of high quality plastic (UV resistant) which guarantees a long product life.

The drinker consists of a bucket, provided with a handle, and a plate. The two component parts of the product are fixed very well and compactly by means of 3 clips, which allows the transport of the handle drinkers even when it is full of water.

The two colors chosen for this drinker have the following functionality: red - attracts birds, and the white of the bucket allows us to permanently see the water level in the drinkers without putting much effort.

The process of filling the drinker  is very simple: disassemble the bucket, position the tank (bucket) upside down and fill it with water, then fix the bucket plate through the 3 clips.

The principle of operation of this drinker is based on gravimetricity, this means that as the chicks consume water, you will have to refuel the drinker manually so that they benefit from a fresh and clean water, especially during their growing period. 



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