Rabbit drinker A12 set 10 pcs

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Rabbit drinker A12 set 10 pcs

Pacifier type drinkers can be used for all species of birds in the household (chickens, day-old chicks, turkeys / turkeys, pheasants, peacocks, pigeons, pigeons, partridges, adult quails, etc.) and rabbits, but there are and a few exceptions such as palmipeds (geese, ducks, etc.) and quail chicks aged 0-2 weeks.

The A12 drinker is easy to mount, more precisely, it is only necessary to make a hole with an 8 mm drill and then to screw it in that place.

The principle of operation is of "fallen nail", similar to a bathtub stopper, imagine a permanently closed bathtub stopper, under which there is a small rod that by operating "jumping" lets one or two drops of water to pass.

The A12 drinker has a thread on the outside through which it can be easily and directly mounted on the water supply pipe.

With the help of this product, the administration of medicines will no longer be a problem, and the material from which the adapter is made (nipple - stainless steel, exterior - high quality plastic) makes the product resistant to corrosion.

When the animal (birds / rabbits) raises the rod, pass one or two drops of water giving it the hydration it needs, the operation described above will be repeated until the bird / rabbit drinks the desired amount of water.

The drinker nipple is detachable which allows the owner to sanitize the drinker whenever necessary.

We recommend that the PPR bars be attached to the ceiling, so that the height at which the drinkers will be positioned can be easily adjusted. It would be advisable for them to be located at the height of the heads of birds / rabbits.



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