Electric stick for farm 2600MA

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Electric stick for farm 2600MA

Electric stick for farm 2600MA is an efficient product for all types of animals and here we refer to: cattle, sheep and pigs, being a strong and reliable product.

Electric stick for farm 2600MA is provided with a control button (ON / OFF), a handle protected from electric shocks, so the person who will use this product will be safe eliminating the risk of electric shock, a polycarbonate rod with a length 71 cm anti-breakage, and LR14 batteries are used as the charging source for this product.

This product works even in the most difficult conditions, for example its efficiency is the same even if the animal is wet, which means that you will not be forced to use the product only under certain conditions.

The role of the electric baton for the 2600am farm is to correct or direct the animals, in no way does it fulfill the role of stunner.

We would also like to mention the fact that the product is manufactured in accordance with European norms on animal protection, in other words this stick will have negative effects on the animals in your yard or farm, being essentially a guiding tool.



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